Strawberries & Cream Shake

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To celebrate berry season, this recipe combines juicy strawberries and vanilla cream, which are blended to perfection then topped with a scoop of extra cream.  Except this strawberry shake is made without traditional heavy cream; instead, it’s made with coconut cream.  Now I know you are probably thinking coconut cream sounds like a funky and messy concoction, but not to worry, it has a surprisingly delicious taste that is quite addictive.  Also, it’s easy to whip up with just some vanilla and sugar–a process that turns it into a puffy, white cloud of cream that is impossible to keep your spoon out of.

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Not only is it delicious, but the amazing benefits of coconut make it a must-try food.  It’s rich in many essential vitamins and contains minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, selenium, magnesium, and phosphorous.  It also contains lauric acid, which has disease-fighting, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  Plus strawberries add even more amazing health benefits to this delectable treat, but since this is turning into a science lecture how about we get to the recipe!

Strawberries & Cream Shake
Coconut Cream Ingredients
  1. 1 can full-fat coconut milk chilled overnight
  2. 1 tsp. vanilla
  3. 4 tbs. organic sugar
Shake Ingredients
  1. 1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  2. 2 very ripe bananas, frozen
  3. 1/2 cup coconut cream, fresh coconut meat, nut-cream, or an additional banana
Coconut Cream
  1. Take chilled can of coconut milk out of the refrigerator and turn upside-down. Open and pour coconut water aside for later, then scoop the layer of cream into a medium mixing bowl. Add vanilla and sugar to the cream and use a mixer or a spoon to whip all ingredients together.
Strawberry Shake
  1. If using frozen fruit, thaw slightly beforehand then add them with the coconut cream to a blender or food processor, and blend on low until mixture becomes creamy. Add liquid such as almond milk for a true shake consistency. Top with additional cream and berries.
  1. For a coconut allergy, try substituting the cream with cashew or almond vanilla cream.
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