Chocolate Peanut Butter S’mores



No other dessert can evoke memories of summer as much as the classic smore.  Biting into the crispy and melted chocolate treat makes one nostalgic for summer campfires–but when a campfire isn’t an option, here is an easier and healthier alternative to the renowned summer treat.
This creation is dairy-free, simple to make, and combines peanut butter and banana for an unexpected twist. The melted chocolate swirls into the peanut butter, and pairs perfectly with the naturally sweet banana and crunchy graham cracker.



    Vegan S'mores with a Twist
    1. natural graham crackers such as Trader Joe's brand
    2. peanut butter (or an alternative nut butter) -enough to spread on each graham cracker
    3. good quality dark chocolate
    4. optional bananas slices (four slices for each s'more)
    5. marshmallows such as Dandies*
    1. Spread half of a graham cracker with nut butter of choice, and add three squares of dark chocolate on top. Next, warm half a bag of marshmallows in a sauce pan over low heat. Add the melted marshmallows over peanut butter and chocolate layer then top with four slices of banana; cover with other half of the graham cracker. Repeat for each s'more.
    2. The amounts in this recipe can be adjusted to your liking. Make as many as desired and enjoy these delicious treats!
    1. *Dandies:|pcrid|53713945571|mt|e&gclid=CKOikO7Cs78CFQwDaQod-msAxw
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